Christopher R. Collier

Construction Project Manager

Chris Collier started as a summer intern with Collier Engineering, and after his graduation in 2011 he began to work full time.  Chris has worked within each of the different departments of Collier Engineering, giving him comprehensive civil engineering expertise.  Some of the skills he has learned are client coordination, surveying and gathering pertinent data and information needed for design, organizing documents to obtain required permits, writing analysis reports, drafting design documents (including erosion and sediment plans), and estimating quantities.  Chris worked closely with Metro Public Works Traffic Engineering Division where he was tasked with identifying existing troublesome intersections.  He analyzed multiple intersections for geometric safety, compliance to AASHTO Specifications, and overall performance and efficiency in order to create feasible solution.

Chris is now a construction manager within our Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) group. Utilizing his past experiences, he acts as the liaison between the contractors and clients and is responsible for implementing sound engineering principles in construction, quality control, and safe worksite maintenance.

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