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Randy Caroll

Senior Project Manager

Randy Carroll has over 40 years of experience in transportation design, some of which he gained while working with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT). During his tenure with TDOT, he worked in many different facets within the organization. His roles included draftsman, engineering aid, and engineering technician. His responsibilities included drawing proposed roadway project designs and leading survey crews of 3 to 5 employees. He was also a project manager with TDOT for both roadway and bridge projects.

In July of 1986, Mr. Carroll became part of the Collier Engineering team as a project manager. His responsibilities include logging projects, selecting materials, computing quantities for bid letting, and attending bid openings for different agencies. He oversees CEI staff during the construction phase, verifying quality control on the jobsite and at the asphalt plant. His thirty years of experience as a project manager at Collier allow Mr. Carroll to ensure that projects are completed according to the plans and specifications, and that the owner’s expectations are exceeded.

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