Construction Engineering & Inspection (CEI)  has been a primary component of Collier’s services since our company began. Our engineers, inspectors, and project managers provide construction inspection and client representation on various projects including roadway construction, bridge construction, roadway paving, and site development projects. Our staff is experienced with all aspects of CEI, and Collier can manage transportation-related construction projects for local or state governments.

Tasks/Skills include:

  • initial project design and drawings (and any required field or shop drawings), items listing and quantities estimation
  • ITB/contract management and bidder evaluation
  • pre-construction meeting representation to ensure all contractors understand scope, specifications, special provisions, environmental restrictions, etc.
  • daily project inspections to ensure continuing project compliance with regulations, permits, and environmental restrictions
  • on-site and plant-based evaluation of materials to ensure compliance with TDOT-approved item or process specifications
  • daily ticket management and inspection throughout all construction-related activities, and the provision of detailed daily reports outlining all contractor activity
  • reconciliation of contractor invoices against daily tickets and work logs to ensure our clients approve accurate monthly payments

Project Coordination

Collier’s longevity in the region as a premiere provider of CEI services is due in part to the company’s understanding of project sequencing from initial design to construction completion. It is this experience that allows project managers to meet the needs and desires of various project stakeholders. Our project management methods ensure that the physical items and subcontractors required to construct the project arrive on time, meet all project specifications, and are safely integrated into the work.

Erosion Control Inspection

Collier project managers are trained to ensure that all necessary environmental protection measures are carried out as required by regulatory authorities throughout the project. Inspectors are certified to provide TDEC-mandated erosion prevention and sediment control inspections throughout the life of a project.

Acceptance Inspections

Collier provides personnel to inspect work associated with construction activities. Experienced inspectors sample and test materials and provide proper and sufficient documentation of acceptance.

ITB/Contract Management

Collier engineers accurately estimate quantities for each item that will be required as part of any construction project we undertake. We deliver estimated quantities, set up line-item bid forms, advertise the project for subcontractor bidding, assist in bidder ranking and selection, and perform all relevant contract management activities to ensure the client receives the best possible construction at the most reasonable price.

Project Accounting

Collier inspectors ensure that all daily tickets are acquired and that they match all items delivered and all work done on a daily basis. Tickets are collected and entered into our project-specific accounting system to ensure all daily tickets and all monthly invoices reconcile with all of the work done throughout the project. We ensure that all pay requests are processed in a fair and timely manner, and that the project owner receives a high-quality, standards-compliant product as listed in the contract.

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