Geotechnical Engineering

Collier Engineering Company is proud to announce the addition of Geotechnical Engineering and Materials Engineering and Testing to our Portfolio of Services.  These services support all phases of our projects, from preliminary engineering through project closeout.  These services are managed by J. Sam Vance, P.E. and Jim Beaudoin, respectively.  Together they represent over 65 years of experience in their respective areas of practice.  Services offered include:

  • Perform subsurface investigations and provide assessment of geologic and geotechnical risks of projects and sites.
  • Determine the characteristics of the soil/rock and anticipated behavior of these materials under loading and stress.
  • Collaborate with the owner and design team regarding the proposed improvements to develop the best suited geotechnical design parameters.
  • As an extension of the geotechnical consulting services and to provide continuity to the owner and the project, our geotechnical engineer and the materials staff will perform materials testing and field engineering services by coordinating with the contractor and observing conditions during construction. If design modifications become necessary our engineer will make onsite recommendations to keep projects “on time and under budget”.

Materials Testing

Our materials testing lab provides field analyses of materials related to asphalt concrete, Portland cement concrete, aggregates, and soils.  The materials laboratory and associated field technical staff are an extension of the geotechnical engineering practice.  These services ensure that we will achieve a consistent high level of quality control on the construction projects with which we are involved.  This extended breadth of knowledge and expertise also enhances our engineering design services by allowing us to make site specific recommendations rather than broad, conservative assumptions that are often common place in engineering design.  This manifests in a high quality, more efficient and sustainable product for our clients.


We offer field and laboratory testing for the following material types:


Natural Moisture
Wet Sieve
Dry Sieve
Loss on ignition
Field Density
California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
Unconfined compressive strength

 Asphalt Concrete

NCAT burn-off
Bitumen content
Sieve analysis
Marshall testing
Rice gravity
Tensile Shear ratio

Portland cement concrete

Field Testing
Specimen storage / curing
Compressive strength

Mortar / grout

Filed Testing
Storing / curing
Compressive Strength


Sieve analysis
Sodium Soundness
Specific gravity

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