Landscape Design

Collier provides hardscape design and landscape plans that integrate with the civil design necessary to address the infrastructure needs of your project. Our staff ensures that the aesthetic quality of a finished project provides the maximum value for our clients’ investments. Collier staff provides landscape design for city and regional parks, civic and corporate landscapes, large scale interdisciplinary projects, subdivisions and estates.


Riparian Restoration & Enhancement

Through the use of Best Management Practices, Collier Engineering has performed numerous enhancements to riparian stream banks and buffers. Collier’s approach to design at these locations is to be environmentally sensitive to the project’s surroundings, leaving as minimal imprint as practical. When and where opportunity presents, Collier has provided enhancements to riparian buffers, restoring a once-neglected feature to a beneficial asset.

Greenway/Blueway Development

Collier staff has assisted in the preservation of hundreds of acres of greenways and over 20 miles of associated shared-use trails. Collier works closely with our clients to assist in program needs, long range master planning and budgeting to maximize lateral greenway mileage construction. Our landscape architects ensure that these projects fit seamlessly into the context where they are constructed. This may involve restoration planting plans or inventory of significant features in the landscape to highlight and preserve throughout construction.

Active/Passive Parks

Collier’s landscape architects have vast experience in the master planning and construction of park facilities. Our landscape architects create master plans for parks of all scales, from pocket parks to large regional parks and athletic complexes. Our staff can listen to your communities desires through public input and turn goals into tangible outcomes expressed in the landscape.

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