Rio Vista Drive

Emergency Repair Project

The project funded by Metro Public Works (MPW) was for repair and replacement of collapsed culverts under Rio Vista Drive due to a massive base failure underneath the culvert. Repair work for the project included the replacement of the old, damage culverts with new 84-inch diameter reinforced concrete culvert and a concrete headwall, stream bank repair with machined rip-rap, and restoration of the street. The project was designed and completed following both the MPW and the TDOT guidelines. The project required excavation and removal of old corrugated metal pipes and replaced with new concrete pipes. Major utility coordination was essential as the project required the bracing of sanitary sewer force main, gravity main and gas lines. Additional Collier activities included drawings, specifications, document preparation, bidding/contract assistance, and field inspection services. The road was closed during construction, and the project was completed in approximately seven weeks. Approximate construction cost was $1.6 million.

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