Shelby Park

Phase II Improvements

In 2009 Nashville Metro Parks, along with neighbors, stakeholders, and interest groups, created a master plan that will be implemented in phases for Shelby Park.  In 2013 Collier Engineering was awarded Phase II of the master plan.  The scope of work included approximately one mile of shared-use trail that connects the Lockeland Springs neighborhood to the 27 mile long Music City Bikeway along with an overlook of the Cumberland River.

There were two major challenges with the project.  One of the challenges was providing a trail route that minimized disturbance to a wooded hillside while working within the accessibility guidelines.  The solution was to create rest areas in locations where the slope could be a challenge for a person with mobility limitations.  These rest areas became overlook opportunities to view Lake Sevier and the park. The other challenge was to design an overlook on the Cumberland River that would withstand flooding, not impact navigation on the river, and be an aesthetically pleasing element for pedestrian users.  Our solution was to create a concrete caisson that supporting an elevated concrete plaza which cantilevered out over the riverbank. The caisson approach minimized disturbance to the riverbank and provided structural support necessary to ensure the overlook will remain sound in even the most severe flood.

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