South Lick Creek Road

Williamson Co.

Collier Engineering performed the engineering design and construction management for the bridge replacement and roadway improvements for this project on South Lick Creek Road over Lick Creek. The project was constructed under the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) BRZ bridge replacement program. The length of this three-span concrete bridge is approximately 185 feet. The proposed improvements were constructed to allow for a 22’ wide paved roadway, and two foot paved shoulders on each side. The final surface of the road was hot mix asphalt. The project grading included the necessary roadway ditches on either side of the road as needed for storm water drainage, and the necessary side slope and driveway adjustments for the roadway improvements. Coordination with local utilities was performed by Collier Engineering, and assistance was provided to the Williamson County Highway Department for any property owner issues such as fences, driveways, landscaping, right-of-way acquisition, construction easements, and slope easements. The project construction costs were approximately $350,000.

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