Transportation Planning

Collier Engineering Company’s team of engineers have a wealth of experience preparing planning reports, studies, and maps for transportation projects. Examples include studies of roadway improvement projects, alternate alignments, intersection improvements, traffic counts, and projections for vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian use.

Traffic Calming Design

Our experience in context-sensitive design allows us to effectively reduce vehicle speeds, improve driver and pedestrian safety, and enhance a comunity’s quality of life. Collier’s approach to speed control, volume control, and changing driver behavior includes all three E’s of traffic calming: education, enforcement, and engineering.

Traffic Analysis

We have expertise conducting a variety of traffic analyses utilizing the industry’s latest tools and methodologies.  Our dedicated traffic engineering team conducts capacity analyses, safety/crash analyses, signal timing and corridor optimization, signal warrant analyses, traffic operations studies, and other studies for our clients.  Collier is committed to identifying creative solutions for all transportation modes.

Transportation Data Collection

Good and reliable data is the backbone of any transportation study or project.  Collier Engineering staff know the value in identifying the data use and data needs as well as the most efficient way to collect it and present it.  We have experience and capabilities collecting the following types of data:

  • Intersection Turning Movement Counts
  • Speed data
  • Average Daily Traffic
  • Pedestrian/Bicycle counts
  • Video count data
  • Infrared count data
  • Sight Distance measurements
  • Parking Occupancy
  • Intersection and Network Inventory

Intersection Design

From preliminary engineering to construction documents, Collier Engineering provides design services for transportation projects of all scales.  Collier’s design capabilities include intersection geometry design, pavement marking and signing, signal design, utility relocation and coordination, ADA compliance, bikeway and pedestrian facility designs, and permitting assistance for design construction projects.  Collier focuses on incorporating Complete Streets concepts into intersection designs using NACTO principles and AASHTO, MUTCD, and TDOT guidelines.

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